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Car Racing Games

Coaster Racer
This is a super fun racing game! Use nitro boosts, earn money, and upgrade and unlock new tracks!
Coaster Racer 2
This sequel to the classic racing game offers updated content and graphics for an even better racing game!
Urban Micro Racers
Race the cars and gather turbos, health and fuel on the track.
Underground Racers
Choose your car to race head to head on the different top-down view stages.
Ultimate F1 Championship
Use the arrow keys to race your F1 around the track in this fun racing game!
2600 HP Racing
Race and try to pass the other cars by drifting along the track in this car game.
5 Miles 2 Go
Fight for the lead by drafting in this fun racing game.
Autumn Racers
Race your Mini around the park and stay on the track to keep your momentum and win!
BP Ultimate Racing
This is the best formula car racing game even though there's only one track!
Burst Racer 2
Race your opponents and use weapons and power-ups to help you destroy them in this fun car game.
Formula Racer
This is a really awesome arcade racer where you use boost to win and earn achievements!
Drift Runners
Race, skid, and destroy objects to meet objectives and unlock levels in this fun original.
Drift Runners 2
Turn sharply to drift and earn points and boosts to win and unlock levels in this fun racing game sequel!
Hot Rod Racing
Race through each level using Turbo boosts, earn money, and buy or upgrade your vehicles.

3D Car Games

3D LA Supercars
Avoid other cars and obstacles and pick up money to upgrade your car.
3D Rally Fever
Use Nitro Boosts to pass your competitors and watch out for boxes in this fun 3D racing game!
Grand Prix Go
This is a really neat 3D racing game that kinda looks like you're racing Lego cars. Have fun playing this one!
3D Urban Madness
Race as fast as you can through downtown and dodge things in your way to make it to the finish.

Driving Games

Adventure Car Drive
Make your way through obstacles and watch out for animals to reach the finish line.
Cab Driver
Get a job as a taxi drive then meet your daily goals in this awesome free cars games.
Billiards Drift
Drive the car to play pool and unlock different cars to use to beat your score!
Park My V8
Park your expensive car without damaging it too much.
Scooby Doo Parking Lot
Watch the clock and don't take damage while driving the Mystery Mobile in this fun parking game!
Stunt Crazy
Do stunts and crash through obstacles while making movies to earn cash and fame in this fun stunt game.
Adrenaline Speed Drive
Race through the desert over hills and pits as fast as you can without crashing.
Adrenaline Super Cars
Watch your health bar while you find and wreck your targets on each level in this driving game.
Arcade Race Extreme
Use your gun to destroy enemy cars and race to the end then upgrade and buy weapons for your car.
Bullet Car
Drive and survive as long as you can by transforming to a car or a bullet to smash gates and get points.
Vehicles 2
Use different cars with special abilities to figure out and overcome each stage of the game.
Smash n Crash Derby
Try to smash all the other cars with power-ups and don't die in this fun demolition derby game.

Outlaw Cars Games

Carbon Auto Theft
Manuever your stolen car out of the parking lot without crashing to avoid the cops!
"Wanted" Shooter
Speed down the road and shoot at your enemies and try to survive in this exciting cars game.
Soul Driver
Jump ramps, break the law, and wreck the cops to earn points and money in this funny driving game.
Freeway Fury
Crash into other cars to earn nitro boosts, but remember to jump to other cars before yours explodes!
Freeway Fury 2
Jump from car to car as you drive down the highway in this funny cars games sequel.
The Heist
A really cool car game where you're the getaway driver. Use your money to help achieve your next goal.

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